“Form Follows Emotion”

– Hartmut Esslinger

Hello, I’m Matthew Otten. I am a multi-disciplinary designer.

My strengths are graphic design for print, photography and illustration.

So far in my career I have worked on projects with Tigerprint, 7th Heaven, Ephemeral Coast, Fieldworks and Mission Gallery.

I strive to create work that functions great – so before picking up a pencil or touching a computer – I ask questions, listen and research.

My design principles are clarity, character and long-lasting. and I am a strong believer in collaboration, so let’s work together.



City Stories,  Swansea, UK • 2016
The Vending Machine,  Venice, Italy • 2015
Dwell, Swansea, UK • 2014
Designersblock, London, UK • 2013
New Designers, London, UK • 2013
Ghost of Gone Birds, Swansea, UK • 2012


Worked with

7th Heaven
Marks & Spencer
Mission Gallery
Ephemeral Coast
Adain Avion


Publications & Features

Micky Schloessingk – Language of Clay (Select Photography) • 2016
Anna Noël – Language of Clay (Photography) • 2015
Ephemeral Coast S. Wales (Select Photography) • 2014
Ghost of Gone Birds (Illustration) • 2012