Meet The Designer.

Matthew Otten

Hello there, my name’s Matthew Otten. For over 5 years, I have been helping small businesses and passionate individuals improve their communication with their audiences through good graphic design, photography and bespoke websites. 

I am passionate about good design, which is more than just how things look; it’s how they work and how they impact the user. Good design acts as your brand ambassador; it’s engaging, it builds confidence and it gets the job done - when it’s done right. 

You can rely on me to work with you, to go get to know your unique needs, and provide you with an effective solution. 

The Services I Offer

Graphic Design

Your marketing materials need to look great, whether it's digital or printed. I will design you eye-catching work; from logos, to brochures, to posters and everything in-between. I will walk you through the process, from developing the initial idea, to selecting the prefect materials.  


A photo says a 1000 words - I know, it's a cliché, but it does hold true. Quality photography can make or break your chance of engaging with your audience. Good photography will catch and hold attention. These days, every photo is competing for engagement in an endless stream of content. My photography can help you stand out of the crowd and get people tapping rather than swiping. 

Bespoke Websites

A website is your home online, it represents you and your values. So you want something that works amazingly, looks beautiful and is unique. I will work with you to produce something bespoke; that fulfils your mission critical goals and is free of cookie cutter code; so it looks individual and loads fast.

What else do I do?

I am the Interim Director of Mission Gallery, one of Wales’ leading galleries for the Visual and Applied Arts. I also make and sell work for Byji, a studio focused on gifts.

I am a big fan of animation; my favourite studio is Laika, and I am passionate about the environment and trying to live as sustainably as possible.