Senior Visual Designer

Hello, I am Matthew Otten, a Senior Visual Designer specialising in UI/UX design, brand design, and graphic communication - with an emphasis on engagement and accessibility. Based in South Wales.

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Featured Projects

Here are a few select projects, please email to request my full portfolio.

Collage of different visual branding componenets for the Flow Project

Branding for Llif / بہاؤ / Flow

I created the visual branding for Llif / بہاؤ / Flow, a Wales/Pakistan art project. The branding drew inspiration from traditional Pakistani and Welsh crafts; with the logo referencing Pakistani ceramic patterns and Welsh blanket patterns.

Web pages of Sarah Tombs website with mobile view

Website Design for Sarah Tombs

I designed the portfolio website for sculptor Sarah Tombs. The website focused on establishing simple navigation around the core areas of Sarah's practice; sculpture, research, commissions, and education.

Pages of the publication for Cross Pollination

Cross Pollination Publication Design

I designed the publication for the Cross Pollination exhibition at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales in 2017. The project brought together artists, art researchers, scientists, and environmentalists to address the decline of pollinators.

Pages of the publication for These Waters Have Stories To Tell

These Waters Have Stories To Tell Publication

I designed the publication for These Waters Have Stories To Tell, an Ephemeral Coast exhibition that took place at Glynn Vivian Art Gallery in 2018. Ephemeral Coast is curated by Celina Jeffery.